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Kommentar von: Yigit AKYOL  

That’s just amazing.I got Bauer T5 Projector and that..That works better than Bauer!Specially LED flashlight idea is splendid!How can I build a projector like that?

17.05.11 @ 22:59

Very nicely done! The quality is great. What kind of lens did you use?

18.05.11 @ 14:37
Kommentar von: Nicholas Chen
Nicholas Chen

Fantastic work. I used to work at a telecine transfer studio and I spliced on average 6 million feet of 8, S8, 16 and 35 in a year.

I would like to make one of these myself to play some of my S8mm films. Do you have a parts list and any instructions? Im curious how you made the claw. The gate image looks extremely vague. Please share It looks like a fun build. I will build it in Lego Digital Designer and order the parts.

18.05.11 @ 18:33
Kommentar von: Stewart

How did you build the intermittent and or registration mechanisim? You mentioned a claw and axis? How does that work?

19.05.11 @ 05:51
Kommentar von: Alex  

Hey! Amazing job! Would you mind giving a parts list and a how to explanation? I would LOVE to make one of these myself!


19.05.11 @ 19:05
Kommentar von: hyperkubus

Every time I see videos of this kind, I’m asking myself: “why did I sold my Lego?”

19.05.11 @ 19:31
Kommentar von: Jon Anders
Jon Anders

Very nice machine! I also would love to get the plans for this, and make one myself! Please share :)

20.05.11 @ 13:09
Kommentar von: Michael

Please post some step by step instructions! This would awesome to make. :)

23.05.11 @ 00:25
Kommentar von: Eli

are you projecting in your bathroom?

23.05.11 @ 02:53
Kommentar von: Fritz Wonnacott
Fritz Wonnacott

What version of the theme from Hawaii Five-O did you use for the backing soundtrack?

Great use of Legos too!!

23.05.11 @ 04:47

This is indeed an amazing use of Lego. I’m a keen 8mm fan and would love to build one of these for my collection, if not only for the fact that you can’t burn out the film with the LED light!
Please can you provide a parts list and instructions?

24.05.11 @ 12:33
paula vélez

This is fantastic, I have a very good projector but a little band is broken, I will be happy to lear how to do one of these.
As I notice, you did not explain how to make it, and the parts needed.
Maybe one day you will?

26.05.11 @ 21:12
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wow, very impressive, how long did it take to build

18.07.11 @ 22:38
wii dvd

awesome movie projector, well done dude

16.09.11 @ 16:27
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Nice work, where can I get the parts for this, I would like to build it as part of a project, well done to you

11.10.11 @ 09:53

Great job ! Well done !
After the Gakken Super 8 (Single-8 & Double 8) Led movie projector, you are the second one to do something funny like that !
You must negociate a deal with Lego in order to sell this projector on kit :-)
2011 is the year of Super 8, The Movie (Abrams/Spielberg) !

21.11.11 @ 15:45